"There's plenty of reasons why we have brought Paradox Cosplay (Yerah) to several of our shows. She's a highly skilled crafter who tranforms into every character she cosplays. Yerah keeps all of her highly engaged audience updated on her latest builds and which shows she's going to be attending in person. She's more than willing to promote our shows and will even get in front of the TV to help promote the show! We brought her out to our Giganticon show in Killeen and she was a huge success! She is always positive, engaging with every attendee that comes by her booth. She is very professional at the show and arrives early, is active the entire show and does not leave her table empty. She's an incredible ambassador for every show that brings her in as a guest. If you need a brand ambassador, Yerah is great. If you need an entertaining judge for your cosplay contest, Yerah is a top choice! If you need someone to bring amazing cosplays and engage with your attendees, she's your person"

- Giganticon


"Yerah aka Paradox Cosplay displays a phenomenal amount of charisma as a cosplayer at events we have hosted in the past. She brought joy and smiles to everyone’s faces as she stayed in character during interactions with fans. Paradox Cosplay is an elite cosplayer in San Antonio that is growing by the day through her fun interactions and hard-working designs of her cosplays.

- Drop the Spotlight


"Paradox Cosplay is always our go-to cosplayer when we have events! She shows up on time looking absolutely amazing, and she goes above and beyond to be kind to everyone around her. Our customers always have a great experience with her at our events. She always follows through with her commitments with us, and she never leaves us hanging! It’s also a great time when her family comes along. They dress up with her, so you get more cosplayers for the price of one! She has a great range of cosplays from comics, video games, anime, and more! From Chun Li to Scarlet Witch to Hinata from Naruto she’s got a ton of amazing looks!! We definitely recommend booking Paradox for cosplaying at events."

- Lvl Up! Art Gallery


"Yerah, Paradox Cosplay, has been an absolute "ROCKSTAR" as a cosplay guest at our shows. From the moment we discuss her involvement in Greater Austin Comic Con, she was willing to help out in any way possible. While her costumes/crafting is second to none, her level of engagement with her fans really made her stand out among the rest of the cosplayer community. She keeps them up to date on her builds all along the way until the final reveal at the shows. She's more than willing to throw on a cosplay and get in front of the camera to help promote the show as well. If there's a theme for the show, Yerah will even look at crafting a brand-new cosplay around that theme. Greater Austin Comic Con brought in the voice actors from Batman: The Animated Series and she brought out her amazing Catwoman cosplay that was a huge hit. When she's at the show, she shares numerous posts and live streams at the show to help draw in more attendees and when they meet her at the show. She's fully engaged and greets every one of them with an infectious smile and energy. Yerah is a gem of a cosplayer and has been an absolute pleasure to bring to each of our shows and highly recommended for other events."

- Greater Austin Comic Con


"Paradoxxcosplay is such a versatile cosplayer. Follows instructions well and adapts to different situations. She makes every shoot fun and is a joy to work with. She can be a goofball but is also a serious person. Very photogenic, and great at posing. I highly recommend shooting with her"

- Alfashots


"Yerah is always fun to work with whenever I see her at conventions. She definitely puts in the effort when it comes to her cosplay presentation. Her modeling is excellent and she can naturally flow between different poses with ease. She also takes direction well and is a cool person to talk with as you shoot."

- David Ngo


"She’s bad ass, hott, best costumes, and always helps"

- John